Care Package Distribution

Since 2015, Nepal Youth Programme is actively dedicating its service towards youth development through sports and education. Besides, it is acting as a social care taker during difficult times with various means of national and international support. During this difficult time of COVID -19 crisis, Nepal Youth Programme successfully conducted “Prevention & Awareness of COVID 19” program. 100 household families involved with NYP including Helpless Children Mother Center (HCMC), partner organization of NYP were distributed with daily essentials (Rice, Beaten Rice, Lentil, Tea, Instant Noodles, Cooking Oil, Biscuits, Salt & Sugar), prevention kits (Soap, Hand wash gel, mask) & COVID-19 19 awareness & prevention communication material (Brochure, Calendar, Flex & T-shirts). This meaningful support provided a big relief for the entire families involved with NYP. For this great moment we thank Franz Beckenbauer (FB Stiftung), Marc Hoffmann, Ludwig Voss, Wolfgang Weyer (Foerderverein Jay Nepal Youth Program e.V.) and Holger Obermann (Advisor NYP & former Nepal National football coach 1993). We thank the parents’ group & Youth Volunteers of NYP, Ward Members and Kuleswor Awas for their support and dedication during the program implementation.